Bargun Remanufacturing

Cell-Based Repair Process

  • Bargun evaluated and flushed 
  • Bargun broken down to base components
  • O-rings proactively replaced
  • Defective components replaced 
  • BG heads and sheathing made to look & function like new
  • Tested and checked for channel continuity
  • Assembled to customer specifications

Quality Control Process

  • 100% of remanufactured barguns go through QA
  • Bargun rigorously tested for leaks, visual change in flow rate and accurate assembly based on customer profile specifications. 
  • Bargun is pressure tested with food-grade sanitizer. Pressure test is designed to stress-test where the aesthetic heel is fastened and the tubing connects to the handle.
  • Bargun goes through a whip check to ensure there are no kinks or twists in sheathing 
  • Bargun packaged in a box that exactly mirrors OEM box
  • Accessories are added based on customer profile

Drop Off or Ship All Soda Valves, Carbonators, BIB Pumps, Regulators, Barguns and Dispensers to:

3285 Intermodal Drive (last garage door, back of building)
Winter Haven, Florida 33880 Attention; Ty Norman

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