Soda Dispenser Remanufacturing

Fountain Machine Remanufacturing Process Overview

Initial Receipt and Triage:

  • Unit received by product-line and assigned identifier in SAP Enterprise System
  • Unit Triaged: - General state of unit inspected; missing/damaged parts identified & documented
  • Flush & pressure test
  • If cold plate, soda, and/or syrup channels show signs of breach unit is deemed unrepairable/scrap


  • Valves extracted from machine and remanufactured via in-depth, proprietary process
  • Plastic parts: Sent through separate wash, body and paint process
  • Stainless Steal parts: routed through refinishing process


  • Machine washed and sanitized


  • Machine enters "product-line specific reassembly phase"
  • At this point, parts are replaced based on integrity, functionality, damage etc.
  • Parts involved vary based specific product: Counter-top electric, IDC or Drop-in

Quality Control:

  • Unit is pressurized with filtered water (Soda@ 115 PSI, Syrup@ 65 PSI)
  • Fresh water flush
  • Water evacuation charged with sanitizer
  • Sanitizer evacuated
  • Lines capped
  • Boxed for LTL shipment

Drop Off or Ship All Soda Valves, Carbonators, BIB Pumps, Regulators, Barguns and Dispensers to:

3285 Intermodal Drive (last garage door, back of building)
Winter Haven, Florida 33880 Attention; Ty Norman

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