Brass Carbonator Water Pump, With Strainer, New

Brass Carbonator Water Pump, With Strainer, New
This new heavy duty brass pump is specially designed to pump water much greater than the pre-set CO2 pressure to give you a potent level of carbonation. It’s internal carbon blades will hold up to unusually hard conditions such as low water or no water situations for a short period of time before breaking up and bulging into the front of the maunfacturers round disc label. However this pump is a water lubricated pump. So at least 20lbs of water is required for good performance to your carbonator. TO AVOID BURNOUTS TO THIS PUMP, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMENDED THAT YOU ATTACH AN EASILY INSTALLED PUMP SAVER DEVICE (PART#903363). This will save your pump when your water pressures drop from 0 to 20lbs.. If you maintain a good odor & taste water filter system properly, this would be quite sufficient. We recommend that you do not buy rebuilt pumps. Even  though the blades will be new, the internal blade housing will have a gap and be worn around the blades and will not pump at 170-250 PSI and cause poor carbonation to your drinks.

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