Bundle Tubing 12 Total Lines (100 foot length)

Bundle Tubing 12 Total Lines (100 foot length)
This (12) line bundle is sold in a 100ft roll. It’s very heavy protective jacket keeps the cold
in well in a recirculating application. It includes (8) syrup lines, (2) soda water
lines, (1) water line and (1) gas line. All lines are well marked so installation goes smoothly
and no lines can be mixed up. If 32 degree soda water is recirculating, you must wrap the
bundle with our heavy duty rubatex insulation tape (part#340751) with an overlap every
1 inch.

(8) 3/8 SYRUP, (2) 3/8 SODA WATER, (1) 3/8 WATER, (1) 1/4 GAS

One hundred (100) foot length

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